Our Mission Statement and Objectives

The Beat Project aims to promote creativity and social awareness throughout a community, thus in time having a positive effect on the community as a whole.
We believe that regardless of age, race, religion, gender, ability or circumstance, music and creative arts can enhance and assist in the aspirations, educational needs and development of everyone’s self-confidence,

self-esteem and personal growth.
We aim to create an environment in which all individuals are valued and their ideas encouraged.

1. To benefit young people through their leisure time activities in particular music and the creative arts so as to develop their physical, mental and spiritual capacities that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society. 

2. The provision or assistance in the provision of recreational facilities for those who by reason of youth, age, infirmity or disablement, poverty or economic and social circumstances, have need of such facilities with the object of improving their conditions of life, in particular but not exclusively by the provision of facilities for exploring music and the creative arts, holding in-house performances and workshops offering facilities and opportunities for visiting musicians and artists. 

3. To advance the education of the public by the provision of courses to instruct people in the skills required for playing musical instruments, for singing, dance and the creative arts.

4. To advance the education of young people by the promotion of the development of a wide range of life skills including health and hygiene, nutrition, budgeting and finance, basic literacy and numeracy, relaxation and stress/anger management.

Inspiring Creativity, Unleashing Opportunity
Registered Charity since 2002