Beating Homelessness through creativity

We are running music workshops, setting up a band and recording studio for the homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless in Sittingbourne, Kent in partnership with Riverside. The project has already created a great band and solo singer and is running personal development through teaching music and work experience in the studio whilst offering its services out to local bands and artists.                           See the brochure

Ska A hidden heritage

SKA - A Hidden Heritage

Ska has been on the scene in Kent and The South East since the 60's and still today there is a thriving Ska scene with many fans, bands, DJ's and artists playing and promoting this great music.

Ska - A Hidden Heritage will tell the story of Ska from the 60's through to day in Kent and The South East, speaking to influential people and artists who made this happen and continue to keep it alive, following the promoters, DJ's, Sound systems and venues as well as the devoted Ska fans who adopt the dress and style of early Ska pioneers keeping not just the music but the Ska movement alive for today's and future generations.  

The Roots of Reggae Theatre Tour

The Roots of Reggae programme aims to bring the story of how and when reggae started to the stage.

We will offer many opportunities for volunteering, being professionally involved as teachers, lecturers, artists, tech crew etc.. as well as opportunities for training to become actors, singers and performers to eventually perform the play live on a theatre stage.

Each performance will feature stories of the great pioneers of Reggae such as Freddie Notes pictured here and aspects of their stories reenacted live on stage in a carefully woven together story featuring the music of the time played live of The Roots of Reggae.

Follow the river

We are going for grant funding to bring a one day world music event called "Follow the River" to communities in Greenwich, Thamesmead, Brentwood, Gravesend, Medway and Sheerness culminating in a gig with The Scorchers rocksteady band

Each day event will be free and bring local people together through fun, interactive and educational activities such as African drumming, dance, singing, Ska dance workshops, Ska/rocksteady/reggae music workshops, talks and films about the history of ska and food from Jamaica. The project brings to life the history, music, artists and influences of Jamaican and African music from 1960 to present day.


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