Our Core Activities

World music and arts

We run projects to support young people and communities including inspiring world music and film projects, projects bring communities closer together, support for the most vulnerable, at risk or in need and specialist projects for schools, colleges and specialist educational organisations.


Heritage and Culture

Promoting unity & equality whilst celebrating culture and preserving history through World music, film & arts.​

Projects include telling the story of some of the great Jamaican and World music artists through to how reggae developed in the UK, the story of Ska and projects promoting understanding and respect for other cultures and how we can enjoy and integrate cultures to enable peace and unity in our communities. 

Film making

Our films aims to inspire positive change and equality, raise awareness, promote creativity, personal development, education and social responsibility for all, especially those individuals and communities who may be disadvantaged, vulnerable, marginalised, in poverty or at risk throughout the UK and the world.

We support social enterprise, campaigns and pursuits that are for the good of all people, places and the planet.


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Inspiring Creativity, Unleashing Opportunity
Registered Charity since 2002