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The Beat Project supports the most vulnerable and at risk young people and communities in the UK and abroad. Our projects, courses, activities and initiatives are designed to promote opportunities for all no matter their background or ability. We specialise in Music, Film, Arts, opportunity for all, education, understanding and tolerance and reduce poverty and inequality.

* World music 

* Film making projects

* Community projects 

* Heritage projects

* Schools activities

* College projects

* Special education

* Accreditation 

* International campaigns

* Gigs and performances 

* Vulnerable or at risk 

* Bespoke activities 

The Beat Project workshops were very valuable to the level 1 students. All students participated in the activities and showed great enthusiasm in the process. The Beat Project tutors were incredibly insightful and kind and it was an absolute pleasure to have them at Mid Kent College.

Mid Kent College

“I thought it was a better than most of our lessons, mainly because we don’t do a lot of things like this and I signed up for the course hoping to do things like this. I thought both Lisa and Steve from The Beat Project were nice and helpful when we needed it. I enjoyed all of it. There wasn’t anything that I didn’t like. I would like more things like this ( more hands on) or more editing lessons”

Student on a film course

“Gave really good advice towards performing and stage presence. Nice to work with real musicians. Good advice when it came to songwriting and how to perform properly”

Student on a World music course

One of the young people in particular was really nervous about drumming in front of people but Lucky gave him confidence and helped him feel confident so he participated fully and said after the session that he’d surprised himself in how well he did. 


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